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Job 177374 - Atrium Concert Internship
Bloomington, IN

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Job Details

Location: Bloomington, IN
Employment Type: Internship
Salary: Competitive

Job Description

The Atrium was started in 2017. The Atrium found success faster than we ever hoped and quickly turned in the premier concert venue in Bloomington, Indiana. It has brought artist such as Diplo, Alan Walker, Slander, Jauz, Wax Motif, Audien, Chase B, Smokepurpp, & many more. Due to our incredibly quick growth, we need your help! We are hiring up to eight interns for the fall 2020 semester.


The Atrium is a music venue for the people. The Atrium prides itself on focusing on students and their needs by creating experiences that appeal to those that want them the most, you, the college student! As a center of entertainment within the Bloomington community, we pride ourselves on promoting inclusivity and maintaining diversity. We expect our interns and employees to maintain these values as we continue to make our impact on the local music and arts scene. 



After being accepted for this internship you will chose between six cognates:


1.     Sound Engineer - You will be running all sound and learning how to run a live show first hand from our preferred partners at Goedde Sound and Light  


2.     Lighting Engineering or Lighting Design - You will be learning on two separate lighting rigs. Both of these rigs run Grand MA2. You will learn the software, tempo control, and lighting progressions on the light show in The Jungle for approx. 4 weeks before you move to expanding your skills on the lighting rig in The Atrium for the duration of the internship.


3.     Photography - You will learn to take photos in a concert/event venue lighting with fast paced crowd movement. The goal of your photography is to fully capture the “experience” of the venue and the moment every night you shoot. You will be given a criteria for your shots every show and asked to fulfill that criteria. Your content, if approved, will be featured on all the Kilroy’s social channels and digital platforms.


4.     Videography - You will be given a different task for each concert/event you shoot. You will be asked to shoot backstage, in the crowd, on the rail, and in the lighting booth for your shots. Your goal will be to fully capture the “Experience” of the crowd. You will then be asked to create a short 30 sec clip that fully encapsulates the experience of the night. Your content, if approved, will be featured on all the Kilroy’s social channels and digital platforms.


5.     Marketing Operations - During this cognate you will be exposed to social media marketing, print marketing, experiential marketing, and how to plan, execute, and measure success of the strategies associated with them.


6.     Digital Marketing - During this cognate you will be exposed to all digital platforms. This includes but, is not limited to social medias, Eventbrite, Shopify, Website, SEO, & all other digital music platforms.




Must be 18 years of age. 

Some experience in desired cognate is preferred. 

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